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Custom Procedure Packs

DMI currently offers over 500 combinations of medical instruments and consumables. This number is growing fast, with end users requesting an ever increasing range of instruments. DMI responds to this by regularly sourcing or designing and manufacturing new items, so is always ready to meet these demands.

It is now possible for customers to personally choose the instruments and consumables they require from our range of disposable medical instruments to make up their ideal custom procedure pack, maximising convenience and minimising waste. Simply fill in the online form telling us what you are looking for and we will provide you with a custom quotation, specific to your needs.

All healthcare and healthcare related providers have a responsibility to prevent and control Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs). The use of procedure packs containing disposable medical instruments is a huge step in the right direction, and is a straightforward, cost effective and time effective way to handle infection prevention.

From its UK factory, DMI supplies sterile custom procedure packs that make it easier for you to meet your infection control targets, as well as bringing many additional benefits:

  • Don’t waste time picking and unwrapping the items required for surgery – just open the sterile procedure pack, and you are ready to go.
  • Increase efficiency - the time you save preparing instruments can be better used treating patients.
  • Reduce procurement and administration costs – instead of sourcing instruments from various suppliers, get everything you need from one trusted supplier, neatly packed and ready to use.
  • Simplify stock keeping and release funds tied up in stocks – no need to store numerous boxes of instruments and spend time checking stock levels to avoid dangerous stock outs; with DMI’s custom packs, you just order what you need and when you need more, we’ll supply it quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduce waste – order what you need, when you need it, with just one set of packaging.