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DMI holds a large stock of products and offers a complete EtO sterilisation, Class 7 cleanroom packing, and distribution service, all from its UK factory.  Controlling every aspect of the order from under one roof also means that the company can very flexible, handling smaller or larger orders with equal ease and tailoring the service it offers to meet exactly the needs of its clients. It also eliminates the need for third party suppliers, saving money and ensuring even the tightest deadlines can be met.


Eto Steriliser

DMI recently expanded the business with significant investment in its own on-site Ethylene Oxide (EtO) sterilising chamber. EtO sterilisation is ideal for disposable products because it safely sterilises delicate devices that cannot support conventional high temperature steam sterilisation, working at a low temperature but with high efficacy. Its flexibility means it is ideal for sterilising the combinations of medical devices, metals, plastics, gauzes and swabs that make up DMI’s bespoke medical procedure kits. read more

Cleanroom Packing

DMI has a Class 7 medical grade cleanroom, used for the packing of single use stainless steel medical instruments. Built and operated in accordance with the strict protocols and methods necessary to create and maintain a highly controlled environment, the cleanroom is microbiologically tested every three months and fully validated every year.  It is operated by two specialist members of staff, both of whom joined DMI after many years of experience working in the NHS Sterile Services departments. read more

Custom Procedure Packs

DMI currently offers over 500 combinations of medical instruments and consumables. This number is growing fast, with end users requesting an ever increasing range of instruments. DMI responds to this by regularly sourcing or designing and manufacturing new items, so is always ready to meet these demands. read more

Bespoke Packaging

If you need your own items packed, we can do this for you. Just let us know your requirements and we will create a bespoke packaging solution.

Worldwide Logistics

We can distribute all round the world, having accounts with all major couriers and shipping agents. We can also despatch direct to your customer, taking away the hassle of having to arrange distribution yourself.

Market Introduction Strategy

Have a new product and not sure how to bring it to market? We give advice and make sure your product enters the market with the best chance of succeeding.

Product Sourcing 

Need help finding a product? We can help, we have contacts all over the world, who we can liase with to find you the best price for the item you need.