Minor Operations Pack Plus (50)


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1 x Brad Parker Scalpel Handle no3 1 x Crilewood Needle Holder 15cm 2 x Halstead Artery Mosquito Forceps Straight 12.5cm 1 x Gillies Dissecting Forceps Toothed 15cm 1 x McIndoe Dissecting Forceps Non Toothed 15cm 1 x Iris Scissors Curved on Flat 11cm 1 x Iris Scissors Straight 11cm 1 x Rampley Sponge Forceps 18cm 2 x Gallipot Polypropylene 60ml 2 x Towel Dressing 38 X 43CM 5 x Swabs 7.5 x 7.5 cm 4 ply 1 x Pulp Foodtainer Disposable 73 227x135mm Individually packed in a pouch and then sterilised. Packed in box's of 50.


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Pack of 50

SKU PP16142



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