DMI’s Bury St Edmund’s facility houses a Class 7 medical grade cleanroom, used for the packing of single-use stainless steel medical instruments. Built and operated in accordance with the strict protocols and methods necessary to create and maintain a highly controlled environment, the cleanroom is microbiologically tested every three months and fully validated every year.  It is operated by two specialist members of staff, both of whom joined DMI after many years of experience working in NHS Sterile Services departments.

DMI is committed to innovation and growth, and has recently made considerable investment in an on-site Ethylene Oxide (EtO) sterilising chamber.  This means the company is in the unusual position of being able to offer a complete cleanroom packing, sterilisation and distribution service, all from its UK facility.  Controlling the process from start to finish means DMI can ensure a quick turnaround and be very flexible, tailoring the service it offers to meet exactly the needs of its clients who, in addition, benefit from only having one point of contact.  It also guarantees overheads are kept to an absolute minimum, and the whole process is as straightforward and cost-effective as possible.

DMI’s flexibility means it is able to work in a variety of ways:

  • DMI can supply customised packs of single-use medical instruments and consumables directly to hospital CSSDs, helping them to save time and money and avoid waste.
  • Items from DMI’s large stock of non-sterile single-use stainless steel medical instruments can be purchased directly by manufacturers for distribution.
  • DMI can contract-pack medical instruments supplied by any manufacturer in its Class 7 medical grade cleanroom
  • DMI’s EtO sterilisation chamber can be used to sterilise any number of medical instruments, from one box to many pallets.