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The dangers presented by contaminated endoscopes have been highlighted recently, after at least seven people treated in one US hospital were infected with a potentially lethal strain of bacteria after undergoing endoscopic procedures.  The complex design of endoscopes makes preparing them for reuse both labour and time intensive, but Disposable Medical Instruments (DMI) may have the solution, helping to relieve pressure on busy CSSDs and further developing its commitment to supporting hospitals as they work to save costs and increase efficiency.

In addition to designing and supplying customised procedure packs of sterile single-use medical instruments, DMI is now fully certified to undertake packing and sterilisation of third party medical devices. This means it is in a position to extend use of its on-site Ethylene Oxide (EtO) chamber to offer sterilisation of reusable endoscopes on behalf of hospitals, complying fully with all current regulations and requirements.  Within 48 hours of receiving a used endoscope (to arrive before 11am), washed, disinfected and packed, DMI will send it back to the hospital, sterilised and ready for safe use.

EtO sterilisation is the ideal option for endoscopes, as it is safe, efficient and flexible.  It is suitable for devices that cannot tolerate high temperatures or humidity as it works at a low temperature but with high efficiency, destroying microorganisms, including resistant spores, and sterilises almost any kind of material.

For nearly a decade, DMI has been providing premium quality medical instruments and procedure packs for use by healthcare professionals.  Its sterile, stainless steel, single-use customised packs support the NHS as it works to cut down on waste, saving money and helping the environment.  Following recent major investment in the sterilisation chamber, DMI is in a unique position for a business of its size, offering EtO sterilisation, Class 7 cleanroom packing, and distribution, all from its UK facility, guaranteeing an unrivalled level of service, flexibility and cost-effectiveness, working with customers to suit their needs exactly.

DMI is currently offering endoscope sterilisation for under £100 per unit (excluding courier charges).  For more information, call operations director, Yvonne Valentine, on + 44 (0) 1284 750762, email

Friday, 1 April 2016 10:32:33 Europe/London

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